There are usually five Committee meetings per year, in addition to the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held in October.

2016/17 Committee

Chairman: Mrs N Macdonald
Vice Chairman: [Vacancy]
Secretary: Mrs C Baggaley
Treasurer: Mr A Horne
Show Secretary: Mrs J Powell-Perry

  • Mrs T Aram
  • Mrs B Beales
  • Mr G Burton
  • Ms Y Greenfield
  • Miss J  Halpin
  • Mr W Powell-Perry
  • Mrs A Scrivener
  • Mr G Scrivener

Life Members

  • Rev E Ashby
  • Mrs M Ashby
  • Mrs C Baggaley
  • Mrs I Hunter
  • Mr F Jervis
  • Mrs J Jervis
  • Mrs D King
  • Mr P McDonnell
  • Mrs J Nutting
  • Mrs H Turner