Cookies & Privacy

First-party cookies set by

1 – wordpress_test_cookie

This site runs on a web management system called WordPress. This particular cookie stores information on whether or not cookies are enabled on the computer or device browsing the site.  This is relatively new functionality and as yet unused.

2 – comment_author, comment_author_email, comment_author_url

When you leave a comment on the site, the name, e-mail address and website details that you enter into the comment submission form are stored in three cookies, which means that they are already entered the next time you comment.

3 – _utma, _utmc, _utmz (and any others following a similar naming convention), _qca

These cookies help us analyse the way people are interacting with the website, which pages are the most popular, and so on.  This helps us to make improvements to the site.  These cookies relate to the Google Analytics service and Quantserve.

4 – site administration cookies

Additional cookies are set for people who login to WordPress in order to create or edit blog posts, or to maintain the system. This does not apply to regular visitors of the site, who do not have to log in to access the site.  Read more about site admin cookies here.

Third-party cookies set by other sites

5 – is_unique, is_unique_1, landing, PHPSESSID

In addition to the analytics features built in to WordPress (i.e. the cookies described in number 3 above), we use a service called StatCounter to give an alternative view of how the site is being used.  Think of it as a second opinion.  These are StatCounrter cookies.

6 – mc

This cookie is set by Quantserve, which is the name of the company that provides the aforementioned analytics features built in to WordPress.

7 – other miscellaneous cookies

As the site incorporates a blog, it’s possible that someone could include content in a blog post from another site (e.g. a YouTube video) and this might set cookies of its own.  Unfortunately it’s not realistic for us to list every feasible possibility here.


We don’t currently have a mechanism in place to allow you to opt out of cookies on this site (we’re monitoring the WordPress developer community for suitable options), but we aim to provide enough information for you to decide whether or not to block the site’s first- or third-party cookies in your browser.  See your browser’s documentation for details.

Privacy & Personal Data

We have the greatest of respect for your personal information.

1 – comments

When you leave a comment, we ask you to provide your name and e-mail address rather than posting anonymously. If you want to say something in public on this site, we believe it’s only fair that we should know who you are and how to contact you.

Your e-mail address is never displayed on the site and you’re free to use a pseudonym or nickname in the ‘name’ field of the comment input screen. We also let you add your website address, if you have one, which will be publicly displayed.

2 – blog subscription via e-mail

This is an ‘opt-in’ process. We do not automatically subscribe you to the site if you leave a comment, the only way to join is for you to sign up via the subscription option in the footer.  Alternatively, you can be notified about site updates via RSS (see link in site footer).