Link Guidelines

The following guidelines the have been used when selecting links for the Links page:

  • horticultural links can be local or national, depending on their relevance (e.g. horticultural societies in Wiltshire are probably of little interest);
  • local business links must be in the immediate area and clearly relevant to the broader aims and activities of a horticultural society;
  • local businesses that have paid for advertising elsewhere with the Society (e.g. in the Annual Show schedule) are not automatically included on this page;
  • local government links are provided for information (e.g. for newcomers), though in reality we appreciate that most people are already aware of these;
  • local interest links point you towards non-subject-specific community-style sites concerned with Lowdham and its immediate area in general;
  • local organisations are generally other clubs, societies and non-profits, or notable local events (e.g. the Book Festival is included).

We aim to keep the ‘local’ links as relevant to Lowdham as possible and thus we have been selective in including/excluding links that apply directly to neighbouring villages.

We are happy to receive feedback regarding links that should be added, amended or removed.  The Chairman’s decision is final.  We don’t currently accept payment for links.