The Twilight Garden

We enjoyed an entertaining and interesting talk on Thursday night, with the very knowledgeable double act, John and Gail Summerfield from ‘Westshores Nursery’ in Lincolnshire. They explored many ways to get the best from your garden in the evenings and during times of the year when the light levels are low.   They then went on to demonstrate use of colour, structure, different types of lighting and shadows in the garden.  It was an excellent, multi-dimensional talk and we will certainly be getting them back soon, as they have a range of other talks on offer.

One thought on “The Twilight Garden

  1. Superb talk. One of the best for a long time. They certainly knew their stuff and put it over in a very interesting and informative way. I for one look forward to their next talk. Thank you to both speakers for all your time and effort.

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