Acorn Farm evening visit – late submission!


Sorry about this re-visit to Acorn Farm, but I felt that a visual reminder of our ‘safari trip’ around the fields of Sutton on Trent was worth recording by the use of a couple of images. Here we have just been ‘herded’ (not really) onto the trailer for our evening tour, which as can be seen for most people meant the use of wellies. You can also see the farmers very active sheepdog on the trailer, although he preferred to ride on the tractor. It was a bold venture on a cool, grey evening but well worth it as we had a running commentary from our guide both on the trailer and the tractor driver who explained the efforts made to encourage wildlife on and around the farm. As can be seen in the second image, numerous wide margins have been created for this purpose. Well, that’s all for now, let’s hope for a sunny visit to Easton Walled Gardens this Sunday 13th July 2014.