Clumber Park – walled kitchen garden – talk by Chris Margrave (Head Gardener)


An excellent and informative talk was held on Thursday evening the 19th Feb 2015 in Lowdham W.I. hall, being well attended by 50 people, including 10 non-members of the Society. The Head Gardener, supported by photographs, some of which were images of the garden and gardeners of the Dukes of Newcastle from bygone years, gave us a ‘potting shed’ history of the garden. We were told how the walled garden was planned, maximising the position of the garden and the surrounding walls for vegetable, fruit and flower planting and sowing throughout each season. The garden now has over 130 varieties of rhubarb (not sure about the custard!), with the Head Gardener explaining it would have been a ‘very lengthy talk’ if he was to impart his extensive knowledge of rhubarb. Furthermore, there are 72 varieties of heritage apples from the East Midlands and Yorkshire, being part of the National Plant collection. The work of the National Trust gardeners and volunteers over the years in extending and maintaining the herbaceous borders, fruit and vegetable garden provides a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to experience and learn more about a walled kitchen garden.

You should make a note in your diary as we are scheduled to have a follow-up evening accompanied visit round the Clumber Park walled kitchen garden on Thursday the 25th June 2015.