Evening visit on 16th July 2015 to Hebbs Farm, Stoke Bardolph


We enjoyed a most relaxing and interesting visit to the the cottage garden of Stuart Dixon (BBC Radio Nottingham gardening expert) and his wife, the visit being enhanced by lovely evening sunshine. Stuart can be seen above enjoying some fruit from his cherry tree with our own fruit and vegetable expert Adrian in the background.  The garden has extensive herbaceous borders full of perennials, with a wide variety of bush, standard and climbing roses. Added to this are fruit trees, plus other fruits such as gooseberry bushes and a vegetable garden area. There is a woodland area and open spaces in which to relax with extensive views over towards the River Trent. Towards the end of our visit we enjoyed tea and buttered scones served by Stuart’s wife from the charming cottage.

You may like to make a note in your diary that with regard to our annual Summer Show on August Bank Holiday Monday (Aug 31st), as announced by Stuart on BBC Radio Nottingham today (Sunday 19th July) he is scheduled to present the prizes at our show. So try to come along and enjoy a relaxing and sociable village show.



2 thoughts on “Evening visit on 16th July 2015 to Hebbs Farm, Stoke Bardolph

  1. It was a lvert therapeutic way to while away a couple of hours, in a lovely garden. Thanks for organising it Nicola.

  2. I meant it was a ‘very’ therapeutic way!!
    Predict text drives me mad, must proof read!!!

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