The Year in Beekeeping – Talk by Alec Thomson – Thurs 17.09.2015



Well, what a fantastic talk by a qualified beekeeper. I would imagine everyone who was present is still buzzing…..!! Despite the projector having failed just prior to the talk, Alec kept us enthralled for at least 11/2 hrs by talking through a year as a beekeeper and of course enlightening us on the life of bees. Simply amazing. The action in a beehive throughout a year, including during the cold winter months was explained in a most understandable manner. The Queen bee is certainly very busy, so much so that eventually she is exhausted and eventually replaced with a young Queen bee. Now, the drones (ie; the male bees) have only one role to play, and I’ll leave you to hazard a guess on what that might be!

Alec advised on how we can help bees in our gardens by planting flowers such as sunflowers, asters, foxgloves, plus vegetables like peas and beans, flowering herbs – mint,rosemary and others. In addition fruit trees, soft fruits and popular garden shrubs like buddleia, hebe and hydrangea. In fact there are numerous plants you can choose as shown in The British Beekeepers Association information booklet entitled ‘Planting For Honey Bees’.

The many challenges which bees (also the beekeeper of course) have to face were explained, include climatic conditions, viruses and other insects, some of these making their way across continents.

One particular aspect of the movement of bees we were advised on was that if we spot a swarm of bees, which is a natural process, contact your local Beekeepers Association or go to – and click on the link to find a swarm collector. Leave the bees undisturbed and wait for a competent beekeeper to arrive.

Alec brought along some honey produced in his beehives, which he markets as ‘Trent Valley Honey’. I can assure you that it is delicious, go on, try some locally produced honey, it is good for you.

This was a wonderful informative talk delivered in an easy manner by a most knowledgeable beekeeper, enjoyed by everyone, including I’m sure the three young people in attendance who asked most interesting questions along with the adults who were present.

Well, I could go on and on, but I’m sure that you have now read enough from ‘Beesarus’, so I’ll sign off………..