Talk on Thurs 27th Oct 2016 – Rivers: Source to Sea by Jack Perks



Our hardworking Chairperson (Nicola) is seen introducing an excellent talk with superb photographs which was delivered by Jack Perks (Wildlife and Underwater Specialist). The talk was thoroughly enjoyed by members and visitors to Lowdham W.I. Hall. Jack is a wildlife cameraman, film maker, researcher and presenter who has worked for the BBC on Springwatch 2016 and Countryfile. In fact, the Sunday prior to his talk he appeared on BBC Countryfile with a fascinating item about chubb in the Fairham Brook, including images of the fish feeding on blackberries which were falling into the brook. He took us from the source of rivers to the sea with wonderful images of wildlife along the banks and in the water. Altogether, a most worthwhile talk by a professional Natural History photographer who is based in the East Midlands. Perhaps you could do some research yourselves and have a look on his website and Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Talk on Thurs 27th Oct 2016 – Rivers: Source to Sea by Jack Perks

  1. Was there a change of date for this talk? The programme of events lists this for 24 November.

    • The printed programme of eventsmdiffers from that on the website, and I wasn’t aware of a change. Was anything sent via email?

  2. Yes Wendy. Jack Perks got in touch with me in early October to say that he had another commitment and asked would we be able to change the date. We swapped it with the October speaker and I told everyone at the AGM and then emailed the change of date on 12th October. i have checked through my emails and you were on the circulation list, so apologies if you didn’t get it. He was an excellent speaker and we will be getting him back again. Sorry you missed it. Nicola

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