Just a note to say thank you as your help and support was very much appreciated on Sunday and Monday.

Despite the poor weather the show was enjoyed by all that visited and it was nice to see new exhibitors this year with the addition particularly of the Hawks of Steele.

It is lovely that you were prepared to commit to be involved and give up a day to help us. Those who shifted, lifted, poured tea, coffee and offered cake, directed, delegated, cleared up, cleaned down, collected money and got wet.

Thank you

I would also like to thank those of you who entered the classes, as without the exhibits themselves there would be nothing to look at.

  • The cultivating and nurturing of all those flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables is a yearlong mammoth task involving expertise and knowledge. Thanks for sharing!
  • To grandparents, mums and dads, thank you for encouraging your young people to enter
  • To the cooks and bakers and jam makers! Thanks for slaving over a hot stove – it was definitely a feast for the eyes!
  • Floral Art – always a talking point – but we need more
  • Those crafty people creating the beautiful handicrafts – amazing! Again…. let’s have more!
  • ….. and all those fabulous photographs

Well done to all of you. You are very important. Looking forward to 2015

Tina Aram

Show Secretary