Hope everyone is keeping well and has enjoyed the lovely weather that we have had recently.  Just to keep everyone updated regarding membership and what the Society plans to do over the next few months.  As our membership year was brought to an early end and the shows and trips had to be cancelled, we thought it only fair to roll over 2019/2020 membership into the new horticultural year.  Therefore if you are already a member, you membership will be automatically renewed for our new horticultural year which begins on 1st September. 

At this stage we do not feel that it is safe to book speakers for our usual winter programme of talks, but plan to provisionally book some from January 2021 in the hope that it may be possible then.  We also intend to rebook the coach trips that we had planned in the hope that these can run in 2021.  Our Autumn Festival will not be able to go ahead, like the Summer Show, but we do plan to hold some virtual events and will keep you posted.  The AGM will be deferred but we will still run the discounted seed order scheme and will circulate the catalogues in the autumn. 

We would like to thank everyone who supported our annual plant sale and those who grew sunflowers and planted them out in front gardens and pots.  Our gardens have brought us all great pleasure over the last few difficult months and I am confident, will continue to in our new horticultural year. 

If you would like more details or to join us as new member, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Unfortunately this year’s Summer Show has had to be cancelled, in line with Government guidance and social distancing rules. However, we would still love to create a sunflower trail around Lowdham village this summer, building on the work that Angela Granfield has been doing over the past couple of years. Earlier this spring, we planted a variety of sunflowers called Teddy Bear which we have recently been planting and distributing around the village.  We ask that if possible, you plant sunflowers out in your front gardens so that people walking by get to enjoy them too. The ‘Salt and Light Community Group’ have also given out hundreds of sunflower seeds for people to grow, so we know that a lot of people are already doing this.

Please join us in brightening up Lowdham together and helping to make everyone smile.

In Memorandum – Fred Jervis

A former Lowdham resident and life member of Lowdham Horticultural Society, Fred Jervis, has recently died aged 88.

Fred was an active member of the Society for many years, some local residents might remember his small allotment at the side of the W I Hut.

Due to relocation at work Fred and Joan left Lowdham for Lincolnshire where he promptly set about creating a lovely new garden.  His love of gardening, vegetables and flowers kept him going for many years.


This year’s Summer Show is fast approaching. The schedule and entry form can be downloaded from our website  Paper copies will be available at various shops in the Lowdham and Burton Joyce over the next few days.

As usual, we will be setting up the marquee etc on the afternoon of Sunday 28th August so any help then, or for an hour or two at the Show on the Monday, would be much appreciated.

Enjoy the sunshine and your gardens